Martina Mokrášová
Meine Vision

Was mich fasziniert?

Unendliche Möglichkeiten, eine leere Leinwand und ein paar Farben mit meiner Phantasie zu verwandeln. 

Mein Motto

"Art creates a positive combination of chaos and order."

Was man in meinen Kursen erfährt?

Bilder gibt's mehr als genug. Milliarden Pics und aber Milliarden Pixel. Wie Sterne in unserer Milchstraße.  Malen bedeutet zunächst lernen, in sich hineinzuschauen, sich Ziele zu geben, aber auch, sich überraschen zu lassen. In Dasein werden alle Schritte aufgezeigt, um neue Ideen zu finden - wir müssen einfach nur lernen, sie zu erkennen und mit dem, was wir sehen, fühlen und sehen wollen, zu spielen. Der Arbeitsprozess spielt dabei eine ganz wichtige Rolle und wird so mit zum eigentlichen Erlebnis Der Kurs ist für Anfängen bis Fortgeschrittene und soll anregen den eigenen Weg zu gehen. Alles dürfen und nichts müssen.

Martina Mokrášová

About me

She combines various worlds in her works. She combines patterns and motifs in new ways, slightly violating all the rules. Her idea of focusing the energy of the city into her own work has been a pivotal element of her work through the last decade. One can feel the desire to convert everyday reality into a wonderful place to be during creation of her works.

"My love of rituals and nature transferred my artistic visions into the chaotic activity of the city, which hides unbelievable order under its surface. You are unable to lose yourself in my dimensional works, on the contrary, everyone will be able to find themselves in them. I try to create a positive combination of the chaos and order that surrounds us every day of our lives."

The works are attractive and simply imaginative. On deeper examination they reveal a deeper symbolism and transformation of Martina's artistic spirit and vision into the work itself. The result is plenty of colours and patterns, influenced by her initial idea of rendering. The work is permeated by the topic of the city's energy and its bright night lights, combined with playful flashes of the city, which disperse the initial feeling of chaos and confusion.

"What is most important to me? Imagination, desire, freedom of thought. I share my opinions and view of the world with others through my art."

"What can I say about myself? Do I have artistic talent? I don't know, I would rather enjoy the actual feeling of creation than a so-called talent. Talent is 20%, the other 80% is an assiduity and the will to finish things."

Martina's work projects a feeling of observing the city in the moonlight, the sunrise and sunset. "The city never sleeps, it pulses with life and fades into darkness at the edge of the horizon." Her works have no limits, no restrictions. And they portray the beautiful things around us, which we no longer see.

"What will never stop fascinating me? The endless potential to transform an empty canvas and several colours into anything you want using your imagination - that is wonderful!"